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Nicole Kuzmich and Alexandr Sinicyn

Nicole and Alex began skating together in the summer of 2014. Alex relocated to Canada from the Czech Republic to begin training with Nicole at Ice Dance Elite and to attend the University of Toronto. Nicole and Alex are a junior team representing the Czech Republic and they have had a very successful first season with numerous accomplishments including the recognition as Olympic hopefuls at the Four Nationals Championships in Budapest Hungary.

Nicole has also recently been accepted at the University of Toronto and plans to attend in the fall. Nicole and Alex continue to train hard and they look forward to the upcoming competitive season.

Nicole Kuzmich and Alexandr Sinicyn

Team results


  • JGP Dresden 2014 - 9th
  • JGP Croatia Cup 2014 - 9th
  • P. Roman Memorial 2014 Olomouc - 1st
  • Bavarian Open 2015 Oberstdorf - 2nd
  • Junior Worlds Tallin Estonia 2015 Competors


  • 4 Nationals Championships - 2nd
  • Junior CZE Dance Champions 2014